The virtual workplace for remote teams.

Virtual offices with voice and video rooms. The best way for remote teams to communicate.

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Take your company to the next level

Gain an edge over competitors by taking advantage of Vocal's unique branding and delightful hosting features.

Guest Invitations

Invite guests to visit your virtual office by scheduling meetings in specific rooms. Rooms open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time.

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Office selection
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Room selection
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Invitee access control

Lobby music

Delight and impress clients, employees and guests with soothing, smooth jazz as they enter your lobby. Vocal takes care of the vibe, so you can focus on business.

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Enable or disable
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Low volume
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Professional quality

Custom branding

You would have your company logo displayed in a brick-and-mortar office, right? Bring the same energy to your virtual office with custom branding. You can display a:

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Company logo
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Team logo
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Profile picture

What makes Vocal special?

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Remote onboarding

Joining a company is hard, and first impressions are everything. Vocal enables new employees to jump right into the conversation by joining any unlocked/open room.

Knowledge sharing

Early-in-career employees struggle to learn when their senior peers are farther away. Vocal brings you closer together.

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Productivity boost

Heads down on deep work and don't want to be bothered? Enter your virtual office and close your virtual door. Have a few minutes free and want to chat? Join the water cooler room.

Non-verbal cues

Face-to-face conversations tend to yield better contextual understanding than chat.

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Flexible conversation

Remote employees often complain that they lose the benefits of ad-hoc water cooler and hallway conversations.

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Dedicated support

As a Pro or Enterprise user, you can expect 24/7 support to ensure your offices are always available and meeting your employees' needs.


Drive productivity in a remote world.